Frequently Asked Insurance Questions


What is life insurance?

A life insurance policy is a contract you have with an insurance company. In exchange for you regular premium payments, the insurance company agrees to provide a lump-sum settlement payment to your beneficiaries upon the event of your death.

Am I required to have life insurance?

US citizens are not required to carry life insurance.

Why do I need life insurance?

You don't need life insurance ? your family and loved ones do. Life insurance is designed to ease the financial burdens of your beneficiaries by providing a settlement - called a death benefit ? in the event of your passing.

What is a death benefit?

The death benefit is the amount of money paid to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. Generally, death benefit payments are income tax-free.

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance is the most common and affordable type of life insurance. You pay your scheduled premiums over a specified period of time. In return, the insurance company pays your beneficiaries a one-time death settlement of an amount specified in you policy.


Do I need dental insurance?

Dental insurance is not required by law. Is it a good idea to have dental insurance? Definitely, yes.

What types of dental insurance plans are available?

Dental insurance plans are similar to health insurance plans. You can select a plan that only lets you see a primary dentist who is a member of a dental healthcare network or a plan that lets you visit whichever dentist you wish, inside or outside your insurance provider's network.


What is vision insurance?

Vision insurance plans can reduce your costs for routine preventive eye care examinations as well as prescription eyewear, like eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Some vision insurance plans even cover Lasik and other types of corrective surgery.

Is vision insurance expensive?

Vision insurance is among the most inexpensive type of health insurance on the market. Many employers offer vision insurance as part of a comprehensive health plan.


What is visitors insurance?

The national or government sponsored health plans of other countries usually don't cover medical emergencies that occur while visiting the US. And medical treatment, especially emergency medical treatment can be expensive. A visitors medical insurance plan is a short term healthcare insurance plan designed to protect you from any medical expenses that may arise during you visit to the US.

Who should get visitors insurance?

Any one travelling to the United States ? students, business travelers, tourists, visiting relatives, etc. ? can benefit from a visitors insurance plan.

Should I buy Visitors insurance in the US or in my native country?

Buying visitors insurance from a company outside the USA may end up costing you more in the long run. A US based insurance company (like the AIS agency) will be more familiar with the intricacies of the US Healthcare system allowing them to deliver better support and prompt service to their customers.